A New Kitchen

If you followed us along you know the kitchen was not a top priority. Cooking is not my hobby and we were nowhere near ready for a new kitchen.We eat out most nights and we are perfectly fine with that.

However fortune struck!

A coworker replaced her kitchen and offered us her ‘old’ kitchen. Obviously we immediately said yes. This way we could have a kitchen for the time we need to think about a new kitchen (and save money) and actually have the opportunity to cook!

Preparing for the new kitchen

Patrick set out to rip out the old kitchen. This was not that hard, since it consisted of about three cabinets…

But it cleaned up nicely anyway:

a vacuum, a ladder and a ox in front of a window

So far our kitchen has been notorious for the abillity to function as a dumping ground for all kinds of building supplies. Also; see the updated mud room in the back?

building supplies in a corner

Like with a lot of rooms so far, we did manage to find a new surprise. A hole in the floor. We were a bit unsure what it was for, since we also have a hole two meters back, for the main water faucet.

wooden hatch

The hatch held nothing of value, but we did find a slither of old newspaper from February 19th, 1963. Well, at least now we know the ground beneath the house is dry…

Installing the kitchen (DIY)

For this kitchen we decided to not insulate the room yet. Since we have no idea of what kind of kitchen we want in the end it makes more sense to do this once we do know. This way we can anticipate plumbing and electrics better. Now it doesn’t really matter and it’s a waste putting sockets and such it in the wrong spots.

So if later on in this post you wonder why the walls look grubby, that’s it.

But we got the kitchen and set it up in our garden. Yes, we also have the folding caravan going strong.

kitchen cabinets in a garden

Before Patrick could continue with the kitchen we figured we should even out the floor slightly and put in a laminate floor.

The floor beneath the original vinyl was in a bad shape and very ‘wavy’. For the kitchen to sit nicely a new floor would help a lot. It’s still wavy, but it looks and feels a lot better. It’s also better to clean.

Once we will get a complete kitchen renovation we have to replace all the floors and put in a concrete floor. But for now it works wonders.

Time for the first cabinets to go in.

We tried a few set-ups of which this was the first one:

kitchen cabinets in a mock set-up

See what a big difference the new floor makes?

This set-up also didn’t make the cut:

cabinets under a window

But finally we came to a good set-up and Patrick set out to making sure all the cabinets would be level.

spirit level on a kitchen cabinet

Soon after the first cabinets were in, it started to look like a kitchen already.

bottom kitchen cabinets

It did take a bit of time to put in the countertop and the sink, but it works and that’s the most important.

Result of our kitchen renovation

As you can see we went from a straight kitchen to an L-shaped one. This offers a lot more storage space.

L-shaped kitchen

We did make some shortcuts:

  • We have not hung the wall cabinets. We just set them on top of the countertop. The walls are not in the best shape and it just didn’t feel safe enough.
  • We did not cover the legs of the kitchen. We felt it was not really important, but it is a lot of work.
  • When you look closely to the cabinet on the right, you can tell the countertop is different. We didn’t have enough countertop for that, so we covered it with a leftover door. Not that you notice this, because right after the pictures were taken we put our fridge on top of it.

A side-by-side comparison to how it was when we moved in:

before and after kitchen renovation

It’s the exact same spot, and I find it pretty amazing how it has transformed.

In the next picture you can see how good the kitchen still looks. I also think you can see how a lot of effort has been made to make it look good. We could have just put in the cabinets and be done with it, but you can tell this is fitted nicely (and level!)

corner of the kitchen

And since we still have no lights and proper electrics in the kitchen I gave the carnival lights (yet another) new purpose.

The next before and after may not be well lit, but it does show a pretty good upgrade.

kitchen before and after

Overall we are very happy with the kitchen. It offers a lot of storage space and for us it just feel like a big luxury to have a counter to put our coffee maker on. Also to drink from glasses and eat from plates feels more sophisticated.

How about the cooking?

The observant eye may spot one small kitchen appliance missing… There is no stove, so how about the cooking?!

Don’t worry we got that covered by this beauty:

Cooking on two hobs
Fun fact: see that wedge shaped figure on the wall? That used to have a holder attached for coffee filters. (You know, for making coffee the old fashioned way.)

By the time you’re reading this we have included a fridge, a small stove (see above) and moved in a bunch of kitchen supplies. All of a sudden all the cabinets are full and you can actually find dishes in the sink every now and then.

We still don’t cook on a daily basis, but we make grilled cheese sandwiches. We also make some soup or pasta on occasion. Also to save some money, we do however still eat out the majority of the time.

For now we are over the moon with our kitchen. This will last us for a while untill we know what to do with the space. Don’t expect updates for a long time…