Toilet update: a large post on a small room

Sometimes it’s good to appreciate the little things in life, or in this case, the little rooms.

The downstairs toilet is the smallest room in the house, but this doesn’t mean it is easily renovated. In this post I’ll take you on a Grand Tour of our toilet.

When we found it, the toilet started out like this:

Toilet picture from the sales brochure

It’s not the most stylish of toilets, but it gets the job done.


I started tearing down the panels (again they are laminate), but can you guess what happened?

If you guessed ‘straw in the ceiling’ you were right! But this time one of the walls was completely plastered on straw as well!

Toilet wall plastered on straw

So all those ceilings on straw we ripped out? This is what it looks like from behind. On these wooden beams there was more straw and more plaster.

This wall is the devision between the cellar and the toilet, so you could say this is the original alternative for plasterboarding a wall.

toilet after initial demolition

But if you thinnk that looks bad, you should see the pictures we made when the actual toilet and floor were ripped out…

plumbing for new toilet

That big hole in the ground was dug to refurbish the main plumbing. The red cap is where the new toilet will be hooked onto.

The pipe on the right leads through the wall and straight up to the first floor. This is the plumbing the new bathroom is attached to.

If you look really closely into the hole, you can see some original slightly arched brickwork. Way back, this was the sewer.

Building progress

Demolition done and time for some real progress.

How are they going to fit all that in this tiny room?

Soon after the hole was dug, a new concrete floor was made and the frame of the new built-in toilet was installed.

stucco on the wall, concrete floor and toilet frame

The stucco was also done to prepare for tiling.

We choose to do the same tiles in the toilet as we did in the bathroom. Sleek and white.

The next picture was taken at night and since we don’t have light in this room yet it looks pretty gloomy.

tiles drying in the toilet

Result in the toilet so far

When the tiling was finished it looked a whole lot better.

The ceiling was finished with a nice trim to give the room a slight traditional feel.

ceiling trim

And this is where we are currently at:

toilet with white tiling

But you can see progress being made.

Unfortunately I have to leave you hanging here. Not much has been done since (although I look forward to sharing one surprise next time).

The downstairs toilet has not been used for months (the hole has been dug in August of 2017…). We only use the toilet in the bathroom at the moment.

It’s just one of those rooms the guys work on when they have extra time, need to wait for something to dry or have left-over material.

But once we go ahead I’ll write a post about the (hopefully) finished toilet.

Things that need to be done in this room include:

  • Painting the ceiling
  • Fitting a floor
  • Installing the actual toilet
  • Painting the window (this will be a time consuming task I think…)
  • Finishing a piece of the left wall
  • Get a light
  • Installing fixtures

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