That one time…we lived in a caravan in our backyard

So what does a pink flamingo have to do with living in a caravan?

Well…let’s start at the beginning.

We sold our house

When we put our house house up for sale we figured it would sell within about six to nine months. However we sold it (preliminary) only a month later!

This was way faster than anticipated. We were looking at new houses, but now all of a sudden we were in a rush.

We felt we shouldn’t need to rush into anything, so we started looking for a rental house on the side.

Fortune was on our side because we found Maartje and got our offer accepted on the exact same day we sold our house (officially).

Where to live?

But as you might suspect (since this is a renovation blog) the living conditions at Maartje were not super luxurious + it was cold + we expected a lot of builders to be in and around the house + we have two cats.

But being optimistic we decided we should just try and live at Maartje.

The date we had to move out of our old house was approaching fast.

Too fast!

So we started on demolition of the living room and we were greeted by our new neighbours. Who happened to have an apartment for rent nearby.

After a quick talk and even quicker decision making process we decided we should rent the apartment so we could have less stuff around the house during the demolition. It also seemed nice to have a place where there was no dust and debris everywhere.

The apartment

We moved our bare essentials and our cats Onyx and Muesli to the apartment.

This turned out to be a great move. We were moving house or wreck stuff at Maartje during the day and we would sleep in the apartment.

The cats had their own room, so they were pretty happy as well once they got used to the apartment.

We rented the apartment for a month and we thought we might add a second if we needed to.

In the end we were sure we could move into the house after a month, so we told the neighbour. They found a new tennant super fast.

Due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ we had to leave the apartment, but the house was not really inhabitable at the time. It might have been for us, but it was not for the cats.

On a friday we concluded we needed to have new living arrangements before monday…

The folding caravan

We were panicking about living somewhere. It was then that the neighbours (same neighbours btw) suggested we could live in a caravan for the time being.

But where do you get a caravan at a low cost?

Plus, I had no intentions about living in a caravan. I spent a lot of holidays with my family in a tiny caravan when I was a kid and ever since growing up I like hotels or apartments better.

“So no way I will sleep in a cold caravan” I said.

We found a folding caravan for a decent price the next day.

The owners of the caravan were very attached to the thing and I didn’t like it one bit. Until I saw it in real life.

I fell in love with the fact that it folds open like a weird retro transformer and the tiny interior was just cute in an ugly way.

The flamingo

We were now the proud owners of a folding caravan and with a lot of wiggling around we managed to park it in our backyard.

Because I decided to make the most out of the situation I told everybody that I could only live in a caravan if I had a pink flamingo and cheesy partylight in front of the caravan.

A few days later the neighbour had a gift: a big pink flamingo!

Now the flamingo is the best part in our garden and he has a prominent place in front of our caravan.

Actual life in the caravan

We moved our (already) basic kit to the caravan and the first night was pretty nice I must say. It’s super cosy and warm because you are so tightly packed together.

We lived there for a week or two together with Onyx and Muesli. We got to use our own toilet and shower at the house. So it was mostly sleeping, changing and sitting in the caravan from that point on.

Eventually we went completely nuts sleeping with the cats so we ended up putting our mattresses on the floor in the house so we could sleep in silence. Turns out, cats just don’t have the same sleeping habits we do 🙂

What now?

Since we are sleeping at the house now, the caravan is now Home of the Cats. It is safer for them to be there compared to being in the house with loose wiring etc.

We go to the caravan when we need to work or just not be in the way for the builders. In practice we don’t do this that often, but we try to spend some time there every day though.

We bought the caravan in the assumption we would need it for months, but we just don’t. So now it’s there, in the garden, with the pink flamingo in front of it.

We are contemplating what to do with it. During summer it will stay where it is, but after that? We don’t know. Maybe sell it, store it until further notice or convert it into something new entirely.

If you have any ideas, feel free to pitch in!