On the hunt: Floors for the first floor

The first section of the house that will be (somewhat) done will be the top floor. This means that our bedroom and the studio will be the first rooms to go from construction to decorating. We have no idea how we want everything to be, but at some point you have to order things anyway. So this week we went floor shopping.

The floors we didn’t want

As to what kind of floor we wanted we were pretty quick to discard tiles, carpet and pvc.

No tiles because tiling is very labor intensive (we have wood floors so we would have to replace all existing floors). I also don’t like the feeling of cold tiles under my feet when I step out of bed.

No carpet because we have cats so it would get dirty very fast and be hard to clean.

No pvc because we just don’t really like the material, plus you get the best results on a super even floor, which we don’t have.

One choice left

So that left us with two main choices: laminate flooring or wood.

In previous houses we have always had laminate floors. We’ve had it all: the super cheap and the pretty neat. It would be an easy choice because we could do it ourselves and you have so many styles now we would find something nice within no-time. It is also a lot cheaper than real wood.

Rustic oak wooden floor
We liked the rustic feel of this wood floor.

Real wood is more expensive and a lot of the times I wouldn’t feel confident laying it ourselves. It’s also more high maintenance than laminate. You’d have to oil the floor multiple times a year and sand it down every once in a while. But the ability to sand does make it a long lasting choice.

So we went floor shopping.

Shopping for a floor

After the first store we both felt we liked the real wood better than the laminate, but we were both hesitant to say so because of the higher price. This was in the time when we didn’t really need a floor asap, so we were not really looking yet.

But all of a sudden we decided to really look for a floor.

So last friday we went to a specialised floor store. They sell laminates, pvc and different kinds of wooden floors. And despite the intention to go in with an open mind, we both ran to the wooden floors and skipped all the other materials.

Purple heart wood samples piece
I noticed this small sample of purple heart wood: in love!!!

Still remembering the process of picking out bathroom tiles, I thought it would be a loooooong process yet again. But surprisingly we leaned towards a certain finish pretty quickly.

We got an indication of the price for the whole top floor and decided to think about it for a while.

So naturally we went back the next day to place an order.

Not for the exact same floor we saw the day before, but a similar floor. Instead of double smoked oak, we went for triple smoked oak with a greyish finish. It is a bit less yellow and will wear down a bit nicer.

It’s the one in the back on this picture:

The two oak floors we liked best
Our first choice in the front: smoked oak with a slight grey finish. We choose the one in the back.

Pro’s of a wooden floor

Main reasons we’ve decided on this floor:

  • We think real wood adds to the character of the house.
  • I really like the feel of real wood. It’s not cold and depending on the finish it feels soft.
  • With real wood every single piece is different. I despise repeating patterns on cheap floors, so this is a thing for me.
  • We wanted a floor to enjoy for ages. Real wood will only become more lived with time.
Dark oak floor with black grain
I also loved this floor, but I felt it would be to dark for an entire room.

Now we wait…

Now we have to wait for the store to take proper measurements. They will install the floor and do all the baseboards as well.

We do have a ton of things to do before the floor can be installed though. We have to finish the walls and put in sockets. But we have about a month time to do so…

Of course we will keep you updated.

What do you think of the floor choices we’ve made?