Progress report on the Studio #1

With the studio I left you hanging since the demolition, but a lot has been done since. You might have seen glimpses on my half moon window post though.

But now I will show you some new exiting overall progress in the studio.

Construction work

During construction of a new room

Like I have mentioned before we have stripped this part of the house down with the plans to devide it in a new way. Above you can see the way the new walls will create a new studio room (on the left).

Insulation on the slanting roof

The slanting roof almost runs to the floor in this room. You see the beige construction beam? That’s where I can still stand (i’m 1,72 meters), so there is a lot of room where you can’t stand.

This picture was taken while putting up the roof insulation.


After insulation it went pretty fast with the plasterboard all around:

Plasterboards all around the room

Also notice how the chimney has a funny bend at the base…

When working in different rooms at once (in this case it’s the bedroom) you end up with materials standing in every room, moving them back and forth. But you can see nicely how the slanted roof has been done.

Materials standing in the studio

I noticed that I have a lot of pictures of the window-chimney-part of the studio. This is because the room is not really big and a lot of pictures form other angles make you think ‘I don’t know what I’m looking at’.

To get a better grip of the way the room is set up I want to show you this picture:

View into the studio from the master bedroom

In this picture I’m standing in the master bedroom. So on the left are the stairs and on the right of the beige doorframe is the bathroom.

Time for stucco

First up was the slanted roof:

Slated roof with stucco

A lot of work was put into the chimney. Because it was bare brick there is a lot of material needed. The guys also straightened out the bend on the bottom of the chimney for a more functional look.

Stucco on a chimney
PS: See that wooden floorboard being crooked? Turns out there was no support on that part…got that fixed!

With the mayority of stucco done I felt particularly happy with the way the roof transitions into the wall. We have the same rounded corners in the master bedroom and with the ceiling being so high it looks awesome.

Stucco detail with rounded corner

After stucco work on the bathroom went on, so what do you do with all the stuff? Well you put everything in the same room:

Materials piling up for bathroom and stucco

End result

Stucco done in the studio

Stucco done
On this part we even have (not functioning) sockets!

Before and after

And this project couldn’t do without a side by side. Left was right after the demolition fase, right is the current state.

Left: demolition stage Right: stucoo done on the same part of the studio

Next time I hope to get this room done but there is still lots to do:

  • Painting all the walls and ceilings.
  • Painting the beams.
  • Do something about that brown balcony door.
  • Get the floors in.
  • Put in the ventilation system.
  • Build a storage space.
  • Style the room.

To be continued I’d say!