Progress report on the Living room #3

It his post I will show you how we got along with renovating the living room. So I have left you hanging since May last year.… oops.

This is the last thing you might have seen:

Since then a lot has changed. And then changed again.

Not like we moved house again, but we started dragging in furniture. We got a big couch and repainted one old side table. And now the former couch is gone along with the coffee table thingy (it was more like a big cushion than a coffee table).


This is what our living room currently looks like:

Our living roorm on a bright day

I would like to show you around.

two cabinets a coffetable and a cat

When we sit on the couch, this is our outlook. From left to right you can see:

  • A wooden cabinet handmade by my great-grandfather (from my mothers side). On top two hollow coconuts with faux candles in them. And an old Delft blue vase, an heirloom from my grandmother (dads side).
  • Muesli the cat watching the street.
  • Two empty bottles of wine with lights in them.
  • A sidetable that I painted aubergine for the time being with our sound system. The wooden bear is a Canada souvenir from my parents. The clock has no other meaning than that I just liked the shape of it and I lie to see the time in the morning when I get ready for work. There is also a wooden dog that you can really see.
  • The coffee table just has a random scented Rituals candle and coasters (these too were my grandparents’).
Pear shaped Delft blue vase
A closer look at the vase and coconuts.

Slighty to the right of the aubergine table there is also this:

Ecosystem in a glass vase and bird

The big vase is one of our latest additions. It’s (supposed to be) an ecosystem in a big glass vase. The plants need a few days to acclimate to the room and then a cork will close off the vase. (That’s why ours is still open.)

The general idea is that the plants produce oxigen to live and moisture vaporizes. The water will drip back down along the sides of the vase. When leaves die, the will turn into compost.

looking into a glas pot

On the left of the vase you can see a carbon monoxide detector and a big black hole with a bird in it. The idea for the hole is that is will be a fireplace-type-thing (turns out that might not be possible…). The bird is just a quirky filler.

The seating area

Looking from the vase into the room towards the seating area it looks like this:

Couch a plant and beamer

It is really simple. Just a new couch, a handwarming hedgehog, a plant and a rug. To the left of the couch (which you can’t see here) is a small cabinet with four drawers. Nothing special. Oh and at the top you see our beamer.

Yes. we have a projector instead of a television set.

Pros and cons:

  • Pro: I find a tv very dominating in a room. It’s black, it’s big and you are stuck with a bunch of cords and stuff. This way we eliminated all of those.
  • Pro: It makes the room more airy and light.
  • Pro: You can ALWAYS have a cinema experience at home. (+ Mario kart is way easier when playing with more people.)
  • Con: If it is really sunny outside, you need to put the curtains down. But we don’t watch a lot of tv by day.
  • Con: If you have a good beamer (like we do) it produces a lot of light. So you need curtains to minimize the impact on the other houses in the neighborhood.

For us this has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. It works like a charm and keeps the living room in a pleasant atmosphere.

The handwarming hedgehog is ideal for cold hands. It was a gift form my mother in law and he sits next to the couch for when I need it. Plus he is cute, which is essential.

grey couch, hedgehog handwarmer and green plant

On the wishlist

To us this looks like a proper living room. We don’t need much and it is fine for what it is today. However we do have a few things on the wishlist:

  • Two nice seats next to the wooden cabinet. We can sit with three people now, but we would like two extra spots to sit. Preferably with a bit more relaxing seating (the couch is a bit stiff) to read a book or listen to music.
  • A big artwork on the wall behind the couch below the beamer. We can hang anything in the projection area, but I do love art. So that will be the spot.
  • The aubergine table will be replaced at some point.
  • Maybe (not sure) we will have some hanging drape curtains over top of these.
  • A new floor (this one is temporary).

Other notes

When shooting pictures for this blogpost, Muesli kept walking in the way. So this is her wanting to say hi 🙂

black and white cat looking into the lense