Progress report on the Hallway #1

There are a lot of ugly hallways in the world. But if you look past the ugly before picture you just know this is a hallway full of potential.

Before picture staircase

What you can’t see in this picture and we first saw when we went to view the house is this stunning part:

Staircase pillar with floral motif

I believe the pillar is made of wood (hard to tell with the thick coats of paint on it).  And even as lovely as this looks, it used to look even more lush.

In the top brown plate there are a few holes. This is an indication it had a big knob or ornament on it at one point in time.

Will be fun to find a replacement.

Demolition in progress

Since we moved in there is a lot going on in the hallway. We started demolition on the hallway pretty early on.

First parts of hallway demolition done

In this picture you can see we’ve taken down all the ‘modern’ trims and started ripping the old loose stucco of the wall.

We also took down the straw (straw again!) ceiling which offered some much needed head space.

The windows have yellow glass and offer a lot of daylight in the hallway.

Remember that nice door we found? We got it out of the frame. This way you can see from the living room into the hallway:

View from the living room to the hallway

The next picture I only included because it is such a nice photo and the light hits the pillar beautifully:

Detail of the stairs and floral pillar

In the hallway is everything regarding gas and elektra. As you can see it is ‘slightly’ outdated… The loose wires you see dangling are new, so we’ll get there.

Electrics n the hallway

I really liked the next picture because it also shows the demolished state of the top floor. When you read this we have made progress on that front as well.

View up the stairs to the bathroom

More demolition

We figured the way we ripped the hallway apart was good enough. But closer inspection revealed the remaining stucco was in such bad shape we had to tear that out as well.

No small task.

Patrick getting to the brickwork

With bare brickwork as a result!

Let the renovation commence!

With all the bricks bare some construction can be done and pretty soon the insulation was applied on the roof.

Staircase with bare bricks and insulation

Some electrical wiring done:

Electrics installed

If your wondering about the white stuff on the wall, this is some leftover stucco from the top floor. Since the bare bricks need a lot of stucco it is well spent here.

I see a wall and I want to paint it red

And then one day I got home from work I didn’t realize there had been workers at the house. So I walked in through the backdoor to the living room to put my bag down minding my own business.

When I saw this:

View to the stairs with a red wall behind it

You can imagine my surpise having the complete hallway painted red!

Red walls in the hallway

This is a layer of special primer so the stucco can adhere. And the day after the first stucco was on the back wall!

Wall with stucco

Pretty soon most part of the hallway was covered and smooth.

It still looks very grey now because the stucco has to dry.

stucco being grey before drying

Results in the hallway (so far)

Isn’t this a lovely after picture?

Smooth stucco with staircase

Lookk at the smooth ceiling:

Smoot stucco on the ceiling

So this looks pretty done.

Next up

But for now I want to wrap this up with this image:

Doorway closed off

Obviously not everything in the hallway is done. (The magic of cropping pictures 🙂 ) But you can spot a new (start of a) fuse box and we’ve closed off the newly found doorway from the living room to the hallway.

“But what about that beautiful panel door?!”

We will be using that door in a different frame.

Reason for closing this doorway is that the hallway can not be insulated properly. There is not enough space to fit the insulation. If we did, the insulation would extend over the stairs.

With the living room being insulated and the hallway being very drafty by nature this will keep the house cold.

So we closed it. It won’t influence the way around the house a lot (although I must admit I walked towards the bricks multiple times).

Just a short while to readjust I think. But this will make the living room way more practical.

So, still lots to do in the hallway!