Progress report on the Bedroom #3 | All done!

If you missed the previous posts you can find them here:

Random things we did

This will be a post with a slightly random order I think. Mostly because we did a lot of small things barely worth taking pictures for. And some big things that you hardly see on photos. And one big obvious thing that we didn’t do ourselves.

But we are done renovating the master bedroom!

If this sounds intriguing to you, keep reading.

The wooden beams

In the previous post you can see the wooden beams in their natural (slightly sanded) stage. We decided we wanted to have some form of protection around the beams that was also better to clean. We decided we should paint it with a translucent lacquer.

So we bought paint. And although it is called ‘wengĂ©’ (which is super dark) we figured a thin layer would work for what we wanted: less yellow toned and the grain still visible. The top of the can claimed a very translucent finish after one coat.

Paint pot with different shades of brown

So Patrick took to painting the beams only to quickly find out it is Really REALLY dark.

Left: unfinished wood Right: painted wooden beam
Left: unfinished wood Right: painted wooden beam

One beam painted we had two choices:

  1. Sand the painted beam down to bare wood
  2. Paint the other beams in the same color

With all the different chores to be done (and sanding not being our favorite past time) we decided we would just paint all the beams. If we want it to be different we will…

Some day…

The walls

With pretty much everything ready we only needed to paint the walls. We took our time taping everything, sanding the walls and doing a proper coat of primer.

Partially primed wall

For the chimney part we needed some additional insulating paint. This is so the soot won’t stain the paint.

Both the primer and insulating paint we not what we expected: the primer I expected to be a watery consistency, but it feels just like paint and the insulation paint… it’s like smearing chewing gum across the wall…

But we did our best and I must say it was looking better already. But I don’t like the cool tone of the primer at all.

Walls and ceilings painted with primer
Walls and ceilings painted with primer

We painted everything, both walls and ceiling in RAL 9010, which is a pretty standard off-white.

All the painting took us two days, but the result is stunning as I say so myself. (Read on for big reveal.)

The sockets

Finally we have some new sockets! Because this is a fairly boring thing I will just entertain you with a nice image.


We choose a rounded shape because we felt this would add a more vintage look than super sleek squares everywhere.

Since this is the bedroom and we charge our phones at night we do have some fancy USB sockets on either side of the future bed.

The floor

Finishing touch is a brand new wooden floor made of triple smoked oak.

Notice the warm white of the RAL 9010 on the walls
Yes, those are dusty footprints

The end result of our bedroom renovation

Behold our new bedroom:

Renovated bedroom Renovation of the master bedroom end result

Before and after

Left: after our demolition Right: end result
Left: after our demolition Right: end result

Next up: putting a bed in it and styling the room. The bed will be our old bed.

Otherwise it’s very much a blank slate. Not really sure what to do with it yet. First priority is to get the bed in and just making it work for the time being.

Since there is still some mayor renovations being doen in all the other rooms this will just have to wait.

Left: how we found the room Right: how it is now
Left: how we found the room Right: how it is now

Left: demolition done Right: renovation done

By now we’ve lived fairly long with our minimal setup, so any type of closet or chest of drawers (and mostly the bed itself) feels like a super luxurious upgrade compared to sleeping on the floor and storing clothes in a plastic box.

To do list

We still have a few bits and bobs to do in the bedroom:

  • The radiators have to be installed.
  • I would like to get a new lamp.
  • Paint the door frame (the other side of the frame still has some work).
  • Replace the door with a panel door.
  • Put in the bed and other musthaves.
  • Do the final styling (but this won’t be soon I expect).