Progress report on the Bedroom #2

The last time I did an update on the bedroom I was impressed with the new stucco on the walls and ceilings.

You can read the full progress report here, but to refresh your memory here is the stucco done:

Please pay special attention to the way al the corners around the windows are unfinished.


Is was super happy with this part done, but it gets even better!

The carpenter framed the windows with decorative trim on the sides and (at my request) added a small overhanging part on the tops.

If you are wondering what the black part in the bottom left corner is…

… it is a garbage bag cut open and used as drapes.

We did this the night we slept there for the first time and left them there until we had something else to cover the windows.

For a full glamorous look here is the complete view:

DIY painting of window frames

This already looked more polished (to us at least haha) but boy what a change a few coats of paint make!

I did the paintwork myself and although it took me some time between all the sanding and the different coats it’s not that hard.

Mostly sanding, sanding some more, reparing damages and small holes, priming, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, do touch-ups.

7 quick tips on painting windows:

  1. Watch carefully how much paint you use in al the crevices. Too much paint will soon cause drips, but it is sometimes hard to see when it is enough.
  2. Preparation (my least favorite part) is key! Tape everything neatly and don’t leave the tape on for too long. Don’t skimp on sanding, especially the first time.
  3. Don’t be sloppy when closing holes; if you use too much you end up spending more time on sanding it all down again.
  4. Use a good brush. I know there are a lot of tips on good paints, but please choose a proper brush as well. If you have one that is shedding, has a rough texture or has weird fuzzy/wide hairs don’t use it! You’ll regret it because not only the result will be less beautiful it will also frustrate you while working with it.
  5. Latex gloves help a lot. I personally hate the feeling of paint under my nails so I prefer to paint with gloves. (Also see next tip.)
  6. If you don’t have a proper container at hand to store your used brush for the next day, just grab the brush hairs with your latex-gloved-hand and pull the glove from your hand over the brush. Squeeze the glove to get out as much air as possible and tie the whole thing closed. This way you can re-use your bruch the next day without a proper clean.
  7. Take your time. Painting properly is time consuming and if you have to do a lot of it, don’t do the whole house but start with one room. Or, in my case start with one window frame. If you start rushing or get frustrated it will make it less fun and imfluence your end result.

I’m proud of my end result:

If you think nobody has windows this white: you are right.

We finished the work of with frosting foil. This is just a temporary solution until I figure out if I want blinds/curtains/drapes/other window dressing.

The frosted windows make for nice light (Instagrammable) pictures as well 🙂

The current state of the bedroom looks like this:

I previously told you I sleep on a matress on the floor. This nice shot might suggest we have a nice bed by now, so I will include a shot from a slightly different angle:

Side of the bed with the floor showing

Next up: floors and painting the walls and ceiling. I will do a styling post as well I think.

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