Progress report on the Bedroom #1

In a previous post you’ve seen us tearing the master bedroom down to the bare bricks and mortar.

Now it is time for an update!

Renovation of this room was super fast (the start of it anyway). Since we were fed up with sleeping in our folding caravan very soon we asked our builders to start working on the master bedroom first. This way we could sleep in it as soon as possible.

Before pictures

The state the bedroom was in after demolition:

State of the bedroom after demolition

After picture of the demolition fase


The very first day they already did some carpentry on this room to accommodate the insulation.

Insulting work in progress

insulation witing to be used


And after the second day it was all drywalled! It already started to look more like a room.

drywall on all walls in the bedroom

detail photo of the drywall on the ceiling

And the funniest thing: the room sounded very different as well. Before it really sounded hollow, now it sounds more comfortable and less echoey.


But it was the new stucco that made all the difference!

wet stucco on all walls

almost dry stucco on the walls

stucco finished

Look at those super crisp walls and ceilings.

We opted to have the beams of the original structure shown, so it would feel more authentic and I think it looks very nice.

Also: look at this detail photo of the rounded corners that connect the ceiling to the wall:

detail photot fo rounded stucco corners

I love how these rounded corners give an extra vintage feel to the room. The room itself looks like a tiny house now.

Sleeping in our master bedroom

After the appropriate drying time we dumped our mattresses on the floor so we could sleep inside the house for the first time. Best night ever!

Yes it was a bit spartan, but that’s a result of our minimalist setup.

Next up: trimming the windows, painting, remaining electrical work and a new wooden floor.

Before and after pictures of the master bedroom

No post like this is complete without a before and after shot of the room.

Dramatic difference on the chimney here. The stucco was still very wet as you can tell from the grey spots, but you get the point.

before and after stucco

Almost done! The window frames still need a trim and a coat of paint. And of course the floor needs to  be installed. But you can get a good idea of the room.

before and after photot of stucco

Result after stucco

overview of stucco done in the bedroom

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