Progress report on the Bathroom #1

The time has come. Finally the new bathroom is being tiled! After intense tile shopping we finally can get an idea of the wy the bathroom will be when it’s done.

Wall tiles

The first part of the bathroom to be tiled is the shower area. Finally it starts to look like a bathroom.

First stage of tiling the bathroom

I love how the tiles are lined out across the wall.

And it looks even better without the tile spacers. The green part won’t have any tiles, so the tiles stop there and are finished with an aluminium trim.

overview of tiling work

The toilet must have been a treat with all these corners…

work in progress on tiling of the toilet

And this shows in the number of off cuts we ended up with.

leftover pieces of white tile

Floor tiles

And if the walls didn’t make me happy already, I was even more pleased with the first floor tiles in the bathroom. That thing in the back is a water drain btw.

grey floor tiles in the shower area

We choose a seemingly random pattern for the floor. The rustic feel of the floor tiles make it a bit more authentic, but still modern.

start of tiling on the floor

This was the result of a few days of hard labour from our carpenter (hero!).

Next bathroom update will be even better. Can hardly wait!