Minimalism Project: My Youth in Figurines

I intend to write an update on our minimalism journey soon, but I just get excited for other things at the moment.

How this project came to be

So before I tell you what my new project is, I will tell you how I came to the point of doing this at this point in time.

As you know We have had very few items in the house, but slowly we are starting to drag stuff back in from storage. We needed some bigger items from storage, but as it turns out we have to get through a lot of smaller stuff to get to the big items.

One of the red boxes kept mocking me with it’s big label saying ‘figurines’. Obviously I knew what was lurking under the lid…

So I faced my fears, dragged it into the house and here we are.

What’s inside the box

This is what’s in the box:

figurines in a red box

It’s a completely random collection of small figurines I’ve collected over the years.

In the spirit of minimalism you might think “well, just chuck the whole thing”. But here’s the thing: I have memories attached to all of them. ALL of them. I know where I got it and most times the memory makes me smile.

The project

The thought occured to me that even though I really like cute things like these, I keep them for the memory more than for the actual object.

That’s when I came up with the plan to photograph each figure and make a small book of the whole collection. This way I can still browse through the memories, but I get rid of the junk. Because let’s be honest; if I don’t throw it away it will spend ternity in a box upstairs.

Work in progress

By now I’ve shot a few items, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. And i’m nowhere near finished, but I wanted to show some items so you get an idea of the project and the kind of things I have kept for years.

This happy fellow is part of a collection of figurines of which you saw more on the top of this post. It is one of those collection you can collect when doing grocery shopping. I believe it’s Maya the Bee and friends from a local supermarket.

Reason for keeping it: Most of them are so cute! My favorites are the chubby blue guys and this green bug.

Where the first image was a relatively unemotional collection, this is one item classified as Very Emotional Attached.

I’ve had this figure for years and years. It is not hard plastic, but somewhat bendable and it has always had a place in my house. The best part about this one is that it glows in the dark! It looks a bit grubby because it is so old, but I still love it dearly.

Memories attached: Every time I see this I think of all the times I in my bed at night when I was a child. If I couldn’t sleep I would pick this figure and switch the light on to ‘charge’ it and I would keep it under my blankets to see it glow. I could look at this glow fading for an eternity.

This happy frog has been functioning as a keychain for a long time. It’s very dirty, but I still enjoy looking at it.

Reason for keeping it: It makes me smile and I love fairy tales a lot. So I would always smile looking at this, hoping to find my frog prince some day.

This started out as a small pendant on a necklace (just a black cord) but I have had this for years.

The memory that goes with it: I bought this when I was on a school trip. It’s such a happy figurine and it’s the main character in one of my all-time favorite rides in the Efteling (a theme park in the Netherlands). I still hum the song that goes with the ride sometimes. Even though I’m an adult for some time now to me it represents childish innocense and careless joy.

Yes, this is a mini hippo stapler. I prefer my home office supplies happy, I love hippos and it actually has a use!

Reason for keeping: because it’s a cute hippo. Never actually used the stapler functionality.

And to close this post another small collection. They are animal shaped markers. Did I use the markers? Nope… But I sure love animals. The favorites of this bunch are the pig and the crocodile (far left, not 100% visible).

Memory attached: I got this during the holidays (Sinterklaas). Can’t really remember why I got them, but I adopted them into my house anyway. No big attachments here, just brining a smile to my face.

To be continued…

So these were just a fraction of the items. And I think these were ‘easy ones’. Most of them are not that hard to let go of if I have the picture. But we’ll see where this goes. I still have tons of figures to photograph, so I will get on with it.

I hope this was a fun way to get to know me a little bit and maybe you feel inspired to do something similar. Love hearing your thoughts on this project. Super crazy? Or kind of fun?