The Kitchen Situation: cooking during renovation

If you’ve read more posts on our blog you might start to think we forgot about the kitchen.

We didn’t. Nor could we.

It’s time to tell you everything there is to know about our current kitchen situation.

The kitchen as we found it

If you closely look at the sales brochure picture of the kitchen you can see we had hot water in an otherwise grim kitchen.

So when we got the keys we were a bit surprised to find our hot water gone because it turned out to be a rental.

We were left with this:

kitchen before picture

To the right of the picture is the door to the dining room and the spot the picture was taken looked like this:

kitchen before picture other side

The thing on the left was a broken gas heating system from the stone age. The door leads to the old ‘bathroom’ and a door to the garden.

Living in the most minimal kitchen

While we plan to do the kitchen at a later stage we decided we needed to start demolition on the kitchen anyway. We were in the flow of ripping things out anyway so might as well take down the kitchen.

Nothing to drastic, just getting all the old tiles out and just some general ‘decluttering’.

But since we started living in the house pretty soon, we needed to make things work somehow. We added a fridge, a washing machine and a rack to put some stuff in and lived like this:

basic kitchen setup

Unfortunately we also ripped out all electrics so this was our main kitchen lighting…

garden lights in the kitchen

And since the bathroom was not completely functioning at the time we had to brush our teeth here as well.

bathroom supplies in the kitchen

The stuff

But for some reason the kitchen has become the number one place to store stuff. Especially stuff that looks like tools, boxes and other things that move around from time to time when we are working on a new room.

messy kitchen

As you might imagine this is not ideal. I never really dreamed about having a wheelbarrow in my kitchen filled with dirt.

So again we moved things around. We moved the rack and the washing machine. This is the unfiltered look of my kitchen today:

kitchen today
This is the kitchen today #nofilter

But how are we cooking during renovation?

Maybe by now you’ve noticed that in our kitchen there is no appliance to actually prepare food other than a microwave.

So how do we eat?

Well I must admit I haven’t cooked a single meal since moving in.

The options we have and use:

  • The microwave. I’m not a big fan of microwaved food usually. So this is not our go-to way to eat, however we do use it on occasion. When we don’t feel like going out the door or I just eat alone and don’t feel the need to put in any effort whatsoever.
  • The panini maker. We dug out our panini grill from storage, just for the sake of making grilled cheese sandwiches. There must be a dozen ways to prepare food on this thing but we just don’t.
  • Eating out. This is where it gets interesting… We are lucky to have a café on walking distance where they serve a ‘meal of the day’. Even better: they have a special card for these meals. You buy a card for ten meals of the day and get a big discount. Everyday you get to choose between two meals, and everyday is different.
  • Takeout. On mondays mostly (the café I mentioned is closed on mondays) we get pizza or fries. Something unhealthy.

So we don’t cook…yet.

Nope we don’t cook. And this might seem ridiculously luxury, eating out almost everyday while in a big renovation, and most people think we’re lazy.

And you know what: when it comes to cooking we are lazy!

I personally don’t like cooking at all. Not even in a fancy new kitchen. And besides it not being my biggest hobby, we can’t find the energy most days.

We both have a fulltime job, we have a huge renovation on our hands and we try and have some fun and a social life as well. Plus, the kitchen is a wreck. We don’t have a stove, we don’t have any space to put pots, pans and utensils.

So we just enjoy this while it lasts. We get out a lot more now and we’ve found a comfortable place where we can get away from it all for a while.

Is it luxurious? Yes. But one day the kitchen will get on our big to-do list and we will make home-cooked meals again.

Just not right now.