Highlights of 2017

Blogger must have: a year review post. Here it is. The first time I can thank my readers and make a list of the highlights of 2017.

Thank you

This year I started this blog. Purely for my own fun I must admit. But for some reason I managed to get people to read my blogs. Some even place a comment (hi Elisabeth!).

How awesome is that?! That people take the time (average time spent on my blog was 3 minutes and 5 seconds #bigbrotheriswatching) in their day to read my post(s).

Maybe they are few (I know it’s few). But every single reader is one more than I anticipated.

So thank you! For reading and caring. I hope to see you again in 2018.


Prepare for some never-before-seen highlights…dun dun DUN….

Highlight #1: Moving out of our old house

Mobving day: boxes everywhere

Closing the old door behind us for the last time was one of the best moments of 2017. I’ve never thought back about our old house and I don’t miss it a bit. This moment can’t top the day we got the key to Maartje. But it is one of the best days of last year because it not only closed a door, but an era for us.

Highlight #2: My best friend had babies

In 2017 one of my best friends had twins. TWINS! These two boys are such a great addition to my life and our friendship and I loved them since I first saw them. I won’t say much more about it or show pictures, but they couldn’t be missed in my highlights of 2017 <3

Highlight #3: DIY with parents

I love to DIY with Patrick. But there is just something special about doing DIY with parents.

In this picture you see Patrick and my dad ripping out a ceiling. Just one of the things he helped out with. It didn’t always go 100% smooth. Like that time my dad cut his hand on an old sink (how though?!).

This year we’ve had help from both mine and Patrick’s parents and it added such a great dimension to our relationship.

Highlight #4: Business trip to Göteburg

goteburg sweden city center

I went to Göteburg (Sweden) for two days. Most of this time I was in a conference room, but I enjoyed it so much!

During my stay I had a great hotel with a view on the ferris wheel. I also had ten minutes to walk from the hotel to the restaurant during which I fully enjoyed the city and took as many pictures as I could. I later dubbed it “ten minute tourism” (patent pending).

The restaurant was awesome, the diner we had was awesome and the people I was with were a pleasure to work with. So even though it was short I really loved my stay. I feel so lucky if I have a trip like this!

Highlight #5: Sleeping in a bed in a bedroom

drawing of our camping in the backyard

Going from sleeping in a caravan, to sleeping on the floor, to sleeping in an actual bed felt like huge leaps of progress.

I can honestly say you can sleep fine on (a matress on) the floor. But sleeping in a bed really made a difference for me. Not the sleeping itself but because it felt like something was getting done and being finished.

It felt like such a luxury to sleep in a bed and it gave us a lot of hope for a positive renovation outcome.

Highlight #6: Holiday in France and visiting friends

With our renovation well on our way I didn’t think we’d be able to go on holiday this year. But I really wanted to and we ended up in France for five days.

Here are some pics of our trip:

French church


Field of grapes

French mountain view

We have friends who currently live in France and we were so fortunate to be able to visit them during summer.

We stayed on the camping they worked on and had a lot of fun together. During their working hours we went on small trips to soak up some sun and enjoy nature.

It was short, but it was great!

Highlight #7: Making new friends

I have great friends. Most of them have stood by me for years and years. They are such great humans I never felt the need to have more friends. I wouldn’t have known where to find new friends if you asked me.

For some reason 2017 has been bursting with new friends.

I feel so lucky (and I know Patrick feels the same way) to have these people in my life. They make my life more vibrant and I love them all.

Glass of wine
At the restaurant we eat regularly we made some new friends as well.

See you in 2018

These were my most memorable highlights of 2017. Thank you for reading the past few months. I would love it if you stuck with me in 2018.