Favorite spot in the house: half moon window in the studio

When we first viewed the house I didn’t pay that much attention to the small window in the back of the dingy room (which will become the studio) in the back of the house. It was behind an old curtain and the room had so much issues to look at it just didn’t stand out that much. I don’t even have a picture of the window without the curtains in front of it…

Back to basics

Once we started tearing this room down to the bare brick I couldn’t help but think it could be a cute (yet impractical) window.

brickwork around a window

Then one day the light just hit the room in a beautiful way and I took this shot:

Natural light through half moon window

Look at the soft light and the rustic feel this half moon window provides!

Work in progress

So you might imagine my surprise when the carpenter put insulation right in front of it to close the window off…


What?! It is so nice, why would anyone think to close it?

A call was made and the window shape was cut out again.

But I must say… without the brick showing I had a hard time imagining how it would look once it was finished. Would it be as nice again?

Drywalled around the window

It was not until the final layers of stucco were applied that I started to love this window again.

stucco around half moon window

Preliminary results

This is what the window looks like now:

Half moon window

My favorite picture of the window is this one:

View from the half moon window

I can totally see myself sitting behind a desk, looking out this window and having either a mini-cactus or a jar of paintbrushes on the window sill.

But we do have some things to do to it still. The plaster needs to be prepped and painted and I do have to look into the frame of the window to see it this needs any maintenance.

I like the rusty look, but I can’t imagine this to be good for the long run. However I don’t want to make it too polished either. We’ll see once we are ready for finishing touches.

4 Replies to “Favorite spot in the house: half moon window in the studio”

  1. Hi Dorien and Patrick, what a lovely little window…is that a uniquely Dutch touch?! And is the frame made of concrete or steel? It will be lovely to gaze through as you’re sitting there working on your blog…through the changing seasons. E.?????????????????

    PS. I see the trees still look green…framed in your window. The weather is starting to warm up here (Spring) and I have just had a swarm of bees land on the outside of my chimney and some of the bees have got inside my lounge room and have been buzzing around and dying…eek! I hope the swarm moves on soon.??????????????????????

    1. The window is called a ‘stalraam’ (literally translates to ‘stable window’), not really sure if it’s typically Dutch to be honest. The frame looks like cast iron, but since it’s not in the best shape yet I’m not 100% sure. The trees are still green here, but some of them are slowly preparing for/to fall…hope to have some heating soon haha. Bees are super useful creatured, but not ideal to have them swarm inside your house. Not sure if there is something you can do about it?

  2. Thanks! I will call in a beekeeper if those bees become more problematic. I think they are coming in through the inside wall air vents which are either side of the chimney. And maybe some are coming through gaps in the wobbly sash windows along the front side of my lounge room…next to the chimney! In the winter time I have had some issues with mice in my kitchen and rats in my garage…ugh! I set cage traps to catch them alive and then one of my little dogs was very good at dispatching them… very quickly. It’s quite a circus! Anyway I digress from your windows topic… Btw, I just read back over your earlier posts so is it dorky if I comment on those old posts that catch my eye?! I like how your blog is modest, simple and down-to-earth, but still informative. E. ??

    1. Of course it’s not dorky to comment on older posts 🙂 You have quite the zoo at home! I think we had mice as well, but since we stripped everything I think they told the other mice the accomodation was downgraded… Haven’t seen them since. In our old house we had mice in the attic and I found them building a nest in a Barbie bed (from when I was young). It was both cute and sad at the same time. Thank you for the big compliment on the blog <3

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