Bringing down the house: Demolition of the Bedroom

So maybe you’ve seen the demolition post about the living room. If you think that looked bad… keep reading.

The before pictures

View when you enter the bedroom
View when you enter the bedroom
The wall on the right
The wall on the right
The left bedroom wall
The left bedroom wall

Start on stripping down the bedroom

So when we first started on the bedroom it was not that exciting. To be honest we believed it would be the easiest room in the house. It’s basically just some vinyl, drywall and some wallpaper.

We started ripping out the drywall on the straight walls. And it looked like this:

Drywall gone from the wall

Not too bad.

But as soon as we started on the drywall ceiling we noticed there was another ceiling behind it.

A sleek mint green plaster ceiling.

So we used our wrecking bar to see how it was constructed. This was when we saw the thing you DON’T want to see in a ceiling. It was an original ceiling that, when broken, looks like this:

If you don’t know what this is here is a quick explanation:

In the good old days ceilings like this were very common in the Netherlands. It is constructed on a wooden frame. In this wooden frame there are hundreds of small nails. These nails are used to tie bunches of straw onto. This ‘carpet’ of straw is then used to plaster over.

You can see the construction of this ceiling clearly on this picture:

In case you’re wondering why we didn’t just leave the ceiling in: this kind of ceiling is a fire hazard. Plus the ceiling was in bad shape anyway, so it needed to go.

The ultimate mess

The worst part of a straw ceiling is the mess you get…

Eventually after clearing the room we also took down all the wooden frames on the ceiling to create a more open feel.

A dramatic difference

It took way more time than anticipated to demo the bedroom, but the results are impressive.

Here is a before and after of the wall with the built in closet:

And here a side by side comparison of view when entering the main bedroom.

Curious to see what it will look like? Keep following us along and we will show you our progress!