Bringing down the house: Demolition of the Living Room

The day after we got the keys to our new house we started on demolition of our new palace. We decided the best way for us to go about it would be to have a decent structure. We should start at the first floor and work our way down, though the house towards the back yard.

But since we were curious about a few things (which I will talk about in another post) I walked in and poked my mini wrecking bar into the first thing that caught my eye. That was it for the ‘being structured’ part of the demolition haha.

Hultafors Mini Wrecking bar
My trusty mini crowbar <3

After the first poke, we quickly stared on the living room.

The state we found the living room in

You might have seen an overview of the sales brochure pictures. But for acuracy I will show you how we found it.

This is the living room in all its untouched glory:

Living room view

As you can see we have a pretty high (dark brown) ceiling with ornaments and a large bay window with yellow glass at the top. The white under the sill is decoration (it’s not a cabinet what we initially thought) and the carpet is a brownish mustard color.

The wall on the left behind the door frame looks like this:

Left wall in the living room

Most striking is the wood behind the wallpaper and a weird triangle at the top left. The triangle used to be a built in cupboard, but somehow it was only partly removed.

If you turn to te left this is what you see:

Looking into the dining room

You look into the dining room. The brown door is the kitchen door. The door frame looks a bit weird in this perspective, but it is way bigger than a normal door frame. In both rooms you see the gas heating systems on the left.

The final wall is the one on the right:

Wall on the right side

Now you have seen all the walls of the living room. Since it’s a fairly high ceiling it’s hard to photograph the whole, but you get the idea.

The first demolition round

We started out with peeling wallpaper and the carpets. This was a big task in itself, because we peeled about five layers of wallpaper before we ran into the wood. Behing the wood there was even more wallpaper!

Wallpaper peeling

End result demolition round #1

Before and after side by side

So no renovation is complete without before and after photos. So here is the living room in its original state on the left and the current state on the right.


The things we did to get to this point:

  • Removed all the wallpaper and wood.
  • Ripped out the carpet.
  • Pulled out the remnants of the built in cupboard.
  • Removed the gas heater.
  • Broke down all the wood panelling around the window sill.

What’s next?

But we are not done in the living room just yet… We still have to strip some walls, remove the brick fireplace and rip out the ceiling (noooo!!!!).