Construction of new rooms: We have a new Bathroom!

If you have seen our demolition post, you know we stripped everything down to the bricks and mortar.

And ever since, things are going pretty well. We have two new rooms!

They have started on the bathroom (being our main priority at this point) and in this post I will show you the progress that’s been made.


The guys started by insulating the roof and the walls. Nothing in this house is insulated in any way, shape or form, so this was a much needed improvement. It will also bring our house to modern living standards.

The silvery stuff on the roof is the insulation:

Insulation on the roof for extra warmth.

New walls (to be)

They also started on making new walls to separate the bathroom from the studio.

Wooden frames on the first floor that will become new walls.

In the picture above, you can see a lot of wood. These will be the new dividing walls between the bathroom on the right and the studio on the left. (Find our new floor plan here.)

If you look closely you can see the original doorframe, that is now a new entry to the bathroom.

In the plan for our new layout you can see a new corner being made. You can already tell how that’s going to be:

New corners being made

All the insulation and the new frames result to this:

Layout of the bathroom

New plumbing

From that point on most of the pictures are a bit gloomy. Once the wooden frame was drywalled, the lack of a central lightsource made the new bathroom very dark.

But progress was mostly made in the plumbing department form that point on.

Like these new fixtures for our double sink.

New plumbing for the sinks in progress

The new shower (which we will have two of):

shower fixture work in progress

And of course the toilet to be:

work in progress on the toilet


From that point on it started to look very different very quickly.

The toilet ‘backoffice’ was covered

Drywalled around the toilet

And finally the double shower looked like this:

Double showers before tiling.

I can’t wait for everthing to be tiled! That will be one of the next episodes 🙂