Bringing down the house: Demolition of the Dining room

When I saw the sales brochure I felt the dining room looked very depressing.

In real life: it was depressing.

First round of demolition

We started with stripping the walls, as we did in the living room.

One of the more unexpected finds was the laminate on the walls (yes, you read that right; on the wall).

Wallpaper peeling of the laminate on the wall

Yes, behind the first layers of wallpaper we found sheets of laminate with wood print. I guess in some point in time this was a quick upgrade? I wouldn’t know why you would want to do this otherwise?

But it was an easy part of the demolition because it peeled right of:

Sheet of laminate pulling of the wall

We also found more layers of wallpaper behind it which housed some nice treasures as well.

Felt good to get the wallpaper off.

We also ripped out all the sheets of wood and wallpaper covering the en suite door. The en suite was one of the best hidden features we’ve found.

Here you see it nailed to the wall, so it couldn’t move. They did damage the door slightly doing this, but we can fix that!

Dining room in first fase of demolition

Also notice the dark brown paint on the ceiling…

When we got all the wallpaper off, you could already see the stucco being in poor condition. On the next picture the places where you see bare brick are parts that we barely touched. It just crumbled under our fingers.

For reference the other side of the room that you saw in the first picture.

Bay window

Eventually we decided to take out the built in closet and the aweful bricks around the fireplace.

Dining room during demolition

The second demolition round

We took a pretty long brake after the first round of demolition. There were so many other things to do and we were still hoping to save the ceiling.

But once we decided to take the ornate ceiling out, we ripped it out the same week.

You know the sight by now: straw and plaster everywhere:

Straw and plaster on the floor in the dining room

This is just a part of the amount we cleaned up. Remember: this is just pieces of ceiling!

Bags of demolition debris

The ceiling has to be cleared of all the small nails that were used to keep up the straw. So it took an afternoon of getting all the nails out with a crowbar.

nails on the floor with Hultafors crowbar

We also removed all the stucco from the walls that will not be insulated. So after demolition this is what’s left:

dining room without en suite door

The en suite door and everything surrounding it is removed. The door is somewhere safe for the time being.

When you’re doing a big renovation like this, things keep moving from one place to the next and back again. So it’s not always easy to get the clean ‘after’  picture.

Where the fireplace was it now looks like this:

dining room with supllies and random stuff

What’s next?

For now I’ll leave you here. The next update will be a bit more interesting hopefully. Insulation and stucco is up next!