Bringing down the house: Demolition of the other bedrooms

After some ‘easy’ demolition, we decided it was time for rest of the bedrooms on the top floor to go.

When we got the keys to the house this part consisted of two separate rooms; a dingy room with a very slanted roof and a somewhat OK bedroom with a door to the balcony.

First floor in the old situation
Red: the dingy room. Yellow: the bedroom with a door to the balcony

You can find all the old pictures here, but these are the rooms I’m talking about:

Bedroom on the first floor.
This bedroom is located at the back of the house on the right side.
Dingy room with a very slanted roof.
On the back of the house on the left is this dingy old room.

The demolition

By now we were pretty used to all the ceilings being straw. So we shouldn’t have been surprised with the mess:

Straw and plaster all around the room during demolition.

Debris of the demolition everywhere with a ladder on top of it.
When we had no ceilings left, we parked the ladder on top of it.

New layout of the rooms

The layout of the rooms was a bit weird and impractical. The two rooms were separated by a wall that had some angles in it. On one side it also features an old sink.

The old sink in the bedroom.
The old sink in the bedroom.

We decided we should just rearrange this part of the house, so we tore down the dividing wall.

The end result of our demolition looked like this:

Two bedrooms completely stripped down to one large room.
Two rooms completely stripped down to one large room.

We did leave the door frame to be integrated into the new room, which made for a funny sight. Especially when viewed from the other side:

Free standing door frame with a door leading to nowhere.
Free standing door frame with a door leading to nowhere.

On the next picture you can also look into the bare master bedroom we demolished earlier.

Stripped down rooms with a view into the master bedroom.

What we have planned for this space

Since we prefer our bathroom to be upstairs, and there isn’t any now we have to fit one in. This means we have to construct a new room for the bathroom.

We switched around our plans a lot of times. Initially we wanted to have a bathroom on the slanted left side of the first floor. This way we would have more room on the right side of the house.

We made plans, looked at bathroom. Measured. Measured again.

We just couldn’t get it right.

Fortunately we have some lovely friends helping us out.

All their input combined resulted in the following plan:

First floor with reconstructed walls.
Red: This will be a studio/bedroom. Yellow: this will be the new bathroom.

This layout has a few bonus points compared to other plans we had:

  • We won’t have the door to the balcony in our bathroom.
  • The size of the bathroom will be more than enough to fit the necessary fixtures.
  • We will have a decent sized studio with a possibility to make a storage area in the most slanted part.

My favorite picture from this demolition

When the dust settled down I took this shot. It’s my favorite because of the dim lighting and the remnants of the old sink still sticking out of the floor.

I can’t wait to show you progress on the bathroom and studio. It will be such a difference to the bare bricks!

What do you think of our plans so far?