The before pictures from the sales brochure

Like I mentioned earlier, the photos in the sales brochure were not that awesome. They do make nice before pictures though 🙂

In this post I will show you the before picture of every room in the house, so you can get an idea of what drove us to plan a viewing.

The pictures were not taken by us, but by the real estate office. These images were spread widely online and were also featured on

The picture that instantly appealed to me

As you can see it is a detached house built around 1920. It features large windows and seems a bit outdated but otherwise well kept. You can also spot a garage in the back.

I instantly thought it looked awesome and somewhat regal with that big bay window at the front. We would also have room enough to park our cars.

But then I looked at the interior…

The living areas

You can imagine our shock to find out that this is the living room:

No central heating, no insulation what so ever, dark brown ceilings and brown carpet. Followed by this prehistoric dining area.

All leading to the kitchen of my dreams….

There also seemed to be a weird room next to the kitchen, but we had no idea what to make of it. It turned out to be the entrance to the bathroom.

The bathroom(s)

Then we had some pictures of the bathroom and the toilet:

The shower seemed doable, but what’s with the cardboard on the toilet floor?


The brochure showed a few bedrooms as well.

This master bedroom (top) features no heating system of any kind, a built in closet and some ancient vinyl.

This second bedroom has a door to a balcony and its main feature seems to be the wooden floor. It also has a sink, but it’s on the left and not visible to the camera at this point.

Apparently there was also a third bedroom in the house that looked like this:

Initially we couldn’t really tell where this room was, since there was a 4th room somewhere as well. This room looked…interesting:

Bonus pictures

We spotted some extra footage in the brochure of the stairs and the garden.


Both seemed outdated, but the stairs might be nice when renovated.

So these were all the images we had seen before viewing the house. Hope you enjoyed seeing them.

You will see some before pictures that we made ourselves as well, but that is will be a separate post.

What’s your favorite part of the house so far?