And so it begins…

We own the house!

Today, the 19th of April we got ownership of Maartje the House. And more importantly, we got the keys!

Storytime: Finding the house

It all started when Patrick sent me a picture of a new house on the market. He’d been searching all the websites for every real estate agent in the region daily. He quickly found that most houses would show there first before being published on the biggest Dutch houses-for-sale-website. In one of his daily runs he found the House. He sent me a screenshot of the front facade.

Immediately I liked the house. The first image I saw at least…the rest was borderline horrific. But I said I wanted to view every house even remotely eligible. Initially Patrick really didn’t think much of it, but I already went ahead and planned a viewing two days later.

Viewing the house

Before the viewing we got a brochure with some general info on the house and the same ‘professionally taken photos’ (they were terrible and really showed nothing of value).

So we went to the house and I liked it instantly. But another viewer was still in the house.

When it was our turn I was surprised we entered through the back door (turns out this is local custom).

This is pretty much everything there is to say on the viewing. We walked around, we pointed out everything needed replacing, we pointed out it was a lot of work. The end.

Oh, and I fell in love, so I didn’t notice any of it.

Buying the house

We had a feeling there would be a lot of interest in the house (we were right). Normally I don’t take Big Decisions lightly, but this was different. Within 24 hours of the viewing I placed a first bid on the house.

After bidding just a smidgen more the offer got accepted.

Formally you don’t own the house yet, but it’s a big win. So then came the financial stuff, the legal stuff and the nightmare that is called getting a mortgage.

I am not completely stupid when it comes to mortgages and money, but this was awful. It was hands down the most ineffective excruciating experience I have ever had with a company (which will remain nameless).

24 hours before the actual transfer we got it all together. And we were able to sign all the paperwork on the 19th.

Today is that day.

The story continues

Because we love the house dearly already, we want to bring you along in our journey. You can follow us around rebuilding our house into a home.

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