About HouseTreeBeast

When we walked in, we knew. Well….I knew at least…(my husband felt the house resembles the Adams family house). Within 48 hours after viewing it for the first time we bought it. Since I started searching for a newly built apartment I was super happy to finally buy the ruin that I now call home.

Say what?

Yes, we bought a house that ‘needed slight modifications’, in other words be completely redone.

About our family

So the main characters of this journey are:


Maartje: the house
Maartje, we call the house Maartje. Yes, she has a name.


Patrick, the loving husband that works as an audiovisual entrepreneur.


Dorien, the marketeer with a dozen hobbies at the same time.


Onyx the cat
Onx, the fluffy black cat


Muesli the cat
Muesli: The other black cat with an attitude.

What to expect on the blog

In this blog you can follow us around:

  • Thinking about things that need to be done.
  • Watching us tearing down rooms.
  • Finding living solutions.
  • Having no clue in some areas and tons of ideas in others.
  • Making our house into a home.

Ever since we bought the house everybody keeps asking ‘how is the house coming along?’. So in order to share our love for Maartje and update multiple people in one go we started the blog.

We will post regular, but highly unscheduled, about progress, joys and issues regarding our house.

Don’t want to miss any updates? Leave your email address and you will get an email when a new post is up. Nothing fancy or spammy, just an update.